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Each child costs us an average of R7800* (about $500 USD) a month to provide for. To help us cover these on-going expenses, please consider signing up to be a monthly sponsor. In exchange for a monthly commitment of $100 a month (or more), you will be assigned to one of our six cots/cribs. And with every new occupant of that cot, you will also gain access to a private galley of videos, images, and information about that child which will not be shared online anywhere else, as well as occasional thank you gifts through the mail. 

*According to national average

If you are a monthly donor of $100 a month (or more) you will be granted access to a private gallery of videos, pictures, and information about the child in your cot/crib number. To access these gifts, just select the Cot Number you were assigned and enter the password that was emailed to you. 

To become a monthly donor, please contact us at the email address below and we’ll get you started:

interracial family holding baby feet in hands mixed by black and white skin color.jpg


Select the Cot Number you were assigned in your email and use the password we emailed to access the information about your specific sponsorship child.

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